Concubines: Novelty & Intimacy in 2022

April 29, 2022

One term for a Concubine is a woman or many women who have a sexual relationship with a man, but they are not married. Some of these women participated willingly, and in history, many were slaves.

Concubines are known to have gone back as far as the ancient times of Babylonia and Mesopotamia and were prevalent in the Roman and Chinese Empires. Concubines were made up of men, most of who were married, and the wife got all the perks of being married, but then the husband had other women or a concubine. These concubines gave the men the ability to have many children and a certain prestige of having many women.

The term for concubine in 2022 could be considered in relation to polyamory but meaning the same.

Have you ever heard of a male concubine or stable? I can tell you that here in 2022, they do exist. They are made up of men of different ages, nationalities, incomes, careers, and many are married. What do they have in common? The lovely woman who holds their heart, hand, and wants and needs in her hand. She is happily married to a wonderful man. Actually, they have one of the best marriages going on; she is lovely, and so is he... and he knows about and supports it all.

They are both professional, have great careers, are financially secure, are fun to be around. Their secret? She has a concubine, a stable of men that will be there for her any time she wants. Her priority and her love are for her husband, and she has a line of men who wish to just a little piece of what she has and what she is willing to give of herself; they are eager to provide the same and more. Just like in the Roman and Chinese Empires, this husband is first and has all the rights and benefits.

Below is a comprehensive list of ways to spice up your sex life (which should already be spicy if you’re engaging in concubine relationships) and keep things novel and interspersed with memorable experiences.

Adult Intimate Toys

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Intimate Lubricant

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Novelty & Intimacy in the Modern Age

Yes, it is 2022 and concubines and stables are alive and well; We’ve outlined just how common these types of relationships have been throughout human history, and in today’s modern age, that empowers strong and confident women to be at the head of these relationships. Use our tips from this article not just for concubine relationships, but you can incorporate the types of adult intimate toys that we include in our Intimate Play Boxes into your routine to introduce a new level of novelty and intimacy.