Find Your Sexy Persona One Pair of Netted Stockings at a Time

January 06, 2022

Finding your sexy self is a process and takes time for some of us. When I think of finding my sexy self, I think of the giggles that I have once I introduce that persona, sexy self to our significant other. I am curious, is this for me or them? As I slip on the knitted stockings, pink for the playful nature that I am, I feel like my younger self, vulnerable and trustworthy. Is tonight the night, I relinquish my power to my lover?  I slip on the red stocking and I feel a little more daring and powerful, do I teach in this role?  The white stocking makes me feel like I am getting ready  for my wedding day, as lovers we give and take! The black stocking strikes up a feeling of naughtiness, almost like the red stocking but even more daring. If I feel this way putting on netted stockings, what does it do for you?

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